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Bee Scale

Dear customer,

Why should anyone purchase this particular scale?

A beekeeping scale in our times is definitely a necessary tool for every modern beekeeper.

The scale informs the beekeeper daily with crucial information, such as the weight change of the hive and the temperature. Even during the winter season, this information is very critical, as it allows the beekeeper to decide when it is necessary to provide additional food to the hive, or move the hives to a more protected environment due to the very low temperatures.  

With a simple SMS notification costing few cents, the beekeeper can stay up to date on the conditions of his hive. He can then evaluate the information and decide when it is necessary to visit the hives, to add food, or remove the hive cells. This allows him to visit the hives less often, thus saving time and money (oil prices will only go higher every year), without loosing touch with the status of the hives…

Also by using one hive scale as a reference for an area, the beekeeper can move his additional hives to that particular location, at the right time, when the flowers are flowering, without loosing one day of flowering in that area!!! This way his hives will produce more honey, since they can be moved to the right place at the right time, to get the most amount of honey.

The user can configure his own scale according to how often he would like the SMS notification, (even every hour). The scale can send the information to up to five numbers, so that many beekeepers can work together and receive information on the production of each area. This way each one can place his hives on a difference spot, and when the detect flowering on a particular area, they can all move their hives to that location.